Vegan Ricotta Stuffed Shells Recipe!

We stumbled across this delicious recipe on ‘About Food’ here and need to make this ASAP! INGREDIENTS Yield: 8 shells 1 box Grand/Jumbo shells (also available GF) 3 leeks, cleaned and chopped 1/2… Continue reading

The COYO Revolution- It’s not just vegans that love it!

There is no denying the fact that coconuts have taken the western world by storm over the past several years. Drinking whole coconuts from their husks has become a common sight from the… Continue reading

Raw Pad Thai with East Bali Cashews

In your February Vegan Box you will find a little pack of East Bali Cashews. There are several assorted flavours but any of the savoury varieties will be delicious with this Asain-inspired dish!… Continue reading

Meet Charlotte, the creative beauty behind Luna Light Jewellery!

In the February Vegan Box you will find a $10 voucher for the Luna Light Jewellery range of Vegan rings. We absolutely LOVE these adorable pieces, and today we’re really excited to introduce… Continue reading

Vegan Australia Day Recipes

BBQ’s are essentially, an Australian tradition, one loved and celebrated by many. When it comes to being vegan, the good old barbie with mates doesn’t always send you into ecstatic joy. Standing around… Continue reading

What It Really Means To Be Vegan.

If you are vegan, chances are you have that friend/cousin/stepbrother. The one that can’t let a family dinner or social outing go by without taunting you and your vegan ideals for the world… Continue reading

The Benefits of Coconut and How to Make Coconut Milk

In the January Vegan Box you will find a sample of Coconut Chips by Coconut Essence. Not only are they a delicious and convent snack, but coconut is also highly nutritious and loaded… Continue reading

Easy & Tasty Vegan Meals for Kids

Isn’t it every parents dream to get their kids to eat more vegetables?! Or to at least enjoy healthier meals and snack options. It’s not always easy, but healthy vegan food doesn’t need… Continue reading

Raw Chocolate Baobab Balls!

I love having bliss balls on hand in the fridge at home. They always come in handy for a quick snack, breakfast on the run or an evening treat! These balls are really… Continue reading

New Year Gentle Cleanse

    The holiday season is often busy, hectic and filled with family, friends, food and fun! Often having a vegan diet you may find that you don’t over indulge nor fall into food… Continue reading