Welcome to the vegan box team Christen!

And today, to complete our new blogger team, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the stunning Christen Gerhart, our cruelty-free fashion contributor. She will be introducing you the best ethical, eco-friendly, and, of course, vegan products from companies all over the world!

Christen is a Magician, Host, Actress, and Astronomer. You can check out her TV show Wizard Wars on Syfy.com, web shows Exposé and Bitchkraft, and personal blog here.

We asked Christen to tell us a little bit about her vegan journey…

ChristenGHello everyone! I’m Christen and I’m a magician, host/actress, and astronomer from Los Angeles.

My switch to veganism happened almost three years ago in the middle of a bad stomach infection that I just couldn’t shake. It took my doctor and I three rounds of meds and three months of a liquid only diet to finally get rid of the bacteria, but the damage was done; it had ruined my system. For months after that I couldn’t eat anything without horrible stomach pain and it became increasingly difficult to just keep food down. I felt like I had suddenly become allergic to everything. I decided to get serious about healing my system and making dramatic lifestyle changes to kick this thing once and for all. Almost immediately after switching to veganism I started to feel better, like I was starting to balance out for the first time in my life. I could keep food down, my weight no longer jumped up and down pounds at a time, my energy levels were more consistent, I was sleeping better, and when I started to workout again, I became stronger than ever before.

That being said, it was tricky at first. I was new to veganism and hadn’t yet figured out where to shop or that there are options out there other than tofu. It took some time to acclimate myself to all the new vocabulary like “seitan,” and “quinoa.” I read more about it, tried recipes I found online, found vegan forums, and began to see that this wasn’t all that hard. Pretty soon I was inventing my own vegan recipes, and even converting my makeup, household cleaners, and clothing to healthier, vegan alternatives. I don’t want to eat animals so why buy moisturizer or mascara that has animal products in it? It just made so much sense to clean up every aspect of my routine.

I want to share my vegan finds with everyone, especially focusing on companies pioneering cruelty-free fashion and beauty. We don’t need to compromise on quality, price, or style because we’re vegans; there are amazing cruelty-free, sustainable clothing, accessory, and beauty options out there that are chic and available on every budget. I’m so grateful to companies like The Vegan Box for helping me on my vegan journey. I’m looking very forward to contributing tips and tricks (even some magic tricks!), and interacting with everyone on this amazing forum!