A Vegan Smiles…

In this months March Vegan Box you will find a little present from A Vegan Smiles! Often I hear people remark they would go vegan but they love cheese! Now a tasty alternative to dairy is here to enjoy!
Find out a little more about Mel, owner and creator of A Vegan Smiles!
How did A Vegan Smiles come about?
When I became vegan I was shocked at how little options were available for plant based diets. So I thought I would help create some new options that non vegan businesses would be interested in having on their menus that were more substantial than garden salads.
What do you love most about being vegan?
It makes me feel happy, inside and outside.
What is your favourite product that you sell?
My favourite product is our Awesome rolls and Cookies, I cant get sick of them 🙂
How do you like to enjoy your Kinda Cheese?
I have made several variants so they can be enjoyed in many ways from toasted melted cheese sandwich to pasta dishes and cheese platters. At the moment my favourite is a plater cheese called Kale Muenster.
What is something you are really passionate about in your life right now?
It has to primarily be the business, however I get really excited when I see someone who looks like they are making food/animal connections and helping them get it across the line, it is immensely satisfying every time.

 Have a look at the fantastic A Vegan Smiles products available on their website here