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Hot Choccy; Dark Choccy Powder Review

This week The Vegan Box came! I was so excited to try everything out but what caught my eye the most was the brown package with Hot Choccy written on the front. I… Continue reading

What’s the harm in palm oil?

Vegans and environmentalists count on the use of their consumer dollar as a weapon — one that is wielded carefully to send a powerful message to the industries behind the mistreatment of animals… Continue reading

Road Tripping to Groovin’ the Moo: The Ethical Soul’s Guide to Festivals

So Australia may not have Coachella, but we do have a pretty eventful and colourful festival scene. A few weeks ago my friends Nicola, Amanda and I road tripped to Canberra’s Groovin’ the Moo… Continue reading

Do you have compassion fatigue?

Being compassionate can be exhausting. When you care so deeply about so many things it is easy to become overwhelmed or just doggone pooped! Especially when you care so much about something that… Continue reading

What’s Inside The May Vegan Box? 

This morning, at the toll of the doorbell, I rushed to the door with the anticipation of a child awaking after popping an offering to the Tooth Fairy under their pillow the eve… Continue reading

Welcome to the vegan box team Christen!

And today, to complete our new blogger team, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to the stunning Christen Gerhart, our cruelty-free fashion contributor. She will be introducing you the best ethical, eco-friendly, and, of course, vegan… Continue reading

Welcome to the vegan box team Emma!

Today I get to introduce you to one of my favourite friends (in fact, she’s who inspired me to go vegan) and our newest blogger here at The Vegan Box, say hello to Emma… Continue reading

Welcome to the Vegan Box team Emily!

Another new member to our blogging team is Emily Rourke. Emily is currently studying reflexology and is an amateur yogi with grand plans to become a yoga teacher some time soon! She will be writing about… Continue reading

Welcome to the Vegan Box team Avalon!

Today I get to introduce you to another new member of The Vegan Box team, the super adorable Avalon Llewellyn. Avalon is our ‘teen vegan’ blogger, she is 14 and lives in Sydney, Australia. We asked… Continue reading